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Monday Mumblings: More of our Scampventure revealed!

Have you ever seen the 1953 flick, “The Long, Long Trailer?”  I hadn’t either until my parents called one rainy Saturday to tell me that it was coming on TCM if I wanted to see it.  Since I had been working on my little camping trailer, they thought I might be interested.  It was a hoot!
One of the funniest scenes in the movie is where Nicky (Desi Arnaz) tries to back the long trailer into Tacy’s (Lucille Ball) relatives’ driveway.  Everyone in the neighborhood runs outside and starts telling him which way to turn and how far to back, etc., making him a nervous wreck until he ends up rolling over a prized rose bush and knocking down an arbor.
I felt like Nicky when we reached our destination at Oak Ridge Park and I began to try to maneuver the Scamp into space number 17, conveniently located next to the bath house/restrooms and next door to Mr. and Mrs. Retired Fifth Wheelers.  Mrs. RFW was immediately in the park’s drive directing me and calling to her husband to help me.  A camping neighbor across the drive also ran out to help.  It took much maneuvering and even an offer on my part to allow Mr. RFW to do it himself, but I was finally able to get Annie into place.
By the way, would someone please explain to me how this is helpful:  just put your hand on the bottom of your steering wheel and turn in the direction you want the trailer to go.  Huh?  
I do much better just turning around and watching where I’m going.  
I was such a nervous wreck after all that coaching that I totally forgot the sequence of unhooking and jacking up, resulting in the camper rolling back (I forgot to put the wheel chocks in place) and falling on its own jack (thank goodness it didn’t break).  Mr. RFW even came running back over and picked her up by the tongue (hers not his), risking injury that I could surely have been sued for. I couldn’t even get her leveled correctly but danged if I was going to let Mr. RFW try to teach me again.  We just settled for a slight incline and jumped back in the car to scope out Warrenton and Round Top and make our plans for the next day’s shopping.
Here is Annie after we finally got her parked.  You can see Mr. and Mrs. RFW’s campsite behind her.  They brought all the comforts of home with them, including a satellite dish and rocking chairs.
Such a cozy little campsite.  I even put little pumpkins on the table.  Natalie and I enjoyed two picnics of peanut butter sandwiches with chips on that table.
You can tell that Annie is leaning a bit in this photo.  Natalie really appreciated that when the ice chest overturned as it slid out the door and doused her feet with ice water!
The next day was filled with shopping and two junky proms.  Stay tuned for the tale!

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