It’s Christmas Eve and It’s a Wonderful Life

The gifts are wrapped–all nine million of them–and I am finally sitting in my chair taking in my favorite all-time Christmas movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”
Nine million gifts may be an exaggeration, but I know that I wrapped at least twenty or thirty per day since December 1, so what is that, about 400 or 500?  And my fingers aren’t even bleeding!  I will be blogging about the adventures of gift wrapping in days to come, but I wanted to just reflect on the season a bit and wish my readers a merry Christmas and a very happy new year.
Don’t you love the scene in the movie when the gym floor opens during the dance and everyone dives into the pool below?  What a great idea!  I wonder if school gyms have pools under them any more?
Sitting here in my pajamas in front of a fire and enjoying HD TV with my doggies, I just don’t think it gets any better than this.  My grown children are away at family gatherings of the spouse kind, and my husband is working at the zoo–animals don’t take holidays.  They must be fed, watered, and cleaned up after every day of the year, regardless of the calendar.  But I don’t mind being alone.
My home is cozy, the lights are pretty, the fire is warm, and the television picture is clear.  My Lord is in Heaven still in control of His creation and still reminding us of the greatest gift of His own Son who gave His life to save us from our sins.
Thank you, Father, for not giving up on us and for still loving us in spite of our selfishness and greed.  I pray that the hustle and bustle of holiday consumerism does not overshadow the real importance of this season.  Jesus may not have been born on December 25 but at least we have set aside this day to remember His birth and what it means.
I urge you to take the time to reflect on our Saviour and His great gift as you reunite with friends and family this week.
“May your days be merry and bright
and may all your Christmases be white.”

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