50 Plus Glam

Fashion magazines and women’s magazines abound with beauty tips and routines for women.  Have you noticed that the women are almost always younger than 50, (okay, Ellen isn’t) and often airbrushed?
Where are the beauty tips for real women?
Women who have a few sags and bags and wrinkles to show for their full and busy lives?  Women who don’t have professional makeup artists fixing them up before television appearances or photo shoots?
Well, today you get to see what a real woman does to get presentable for her daily life of junkin,’ bloggin,’ housewifin,’ wrappin’ gifts, and sellin’ flags.
And that real woman is me!
(Sorry—no “before” photos–I’m not that brave!)
Here’s what I start out with after washing my face with regular old soap and water.
Yes, soap and water in my morning shower!
Before makeup, I apply a generous amount of Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer with SPF 15 Sunscreen.
Then from my perch on my oversized living room chair I spread out my makeup bottles, powders, and applicators.  I started this habit years ago so that I could watch the morning news while I got ready for work without disturbing my husband who is a day sleeper.
As I use each item, it goes back into my cosmetic bag.  This habit keeps me from forgetting any item.  Who wants to go to work without mascara or blush or worse, only one eye made up?  Horrors!


That makeup bag looks dirty!  Time for a new one, perhaps?
My first order of business is applying my foundation.  I have tried many different brands through the years, but right now I use one that I can buy in Walmart.  I don’t think those expensive department store brands can do any better.  I use L’Oreal’s Visible Lift Serum Absolute Advanced Age Reversing Makeup.  It includes a broad spectrum sunscreen as well as Pro-Retinal A and Vitamin C.  
Before long I will look like I’m 35 instead of 55!

Then goes on a light patting of Cover Girl Smoothers compact face powder and some Bare Minerals blush.  I then coat my eyelids with Cover Girl powder eye shadow in white and purple, line my lids with Rimmel Scandal Eyes in Dark Blue Kohl (to whiten my whites they say), and finish off with Cover Girl Professional mascara in Very Black.  I then brush my eyebrows with brown eye shadow and swipe some lip stain on my lips.
And voila!  From beast to beauty (or as close as I can get).  This is one hot grandma-wanna-be, dontcha think?


Now to do something about that towel. . .
Disclaimer:  This post is meant to entertain and console, not to promote certain products or my own beauty or lack thereof!  

By aencoker

Author, teacher, mom, grandmother, but most of all, Christian.

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