Time to Wake Up, Boston Style!

I like my naps.  Ask anybody in my family and they will agree.  When I was working and after my children were old enough not to need Mama’s supervision or transportation I would enjoy a nap every afternoon after work.
Afternoon naps refreshed me and let me stay up a little later, sometimes late enough to greet my husband when he arrived home from work after midnight.  That was a good thing since I usually only saw him Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
Now that I’m retired and don’t have to get up before dawn, I usually only nap on Sundays.  But I don’t nap alone.  I have furry babies who love to nap with me, as long as I get up in time to feed them.  I don’t have to set my alarm.  They wake me up!
From left:  Fur babies Molly, Whitey, and Maggie
Whitey starts the process by sliding off the bed and then jumping back on and rolling around, which wakes up the others.  Then he starts barking at them, getting them to play.  While I try to stay asleep with the covers over my head they run around all over our king size bed playfully barking and nipping at each other.
Whitey and Molly waiting for dinner
Then Maggie gets tired of the play and begins to stare at me.  I pretend to be asleep as long as I can, until she impatiently punches me with her paw.  With her ears at attention she stares at me until I peek at her and then pull the covers up again.  She punches me harder and then begins to pounce on me with both feet.  
Maggie resting on Mama’s her chair
I throw the covers back and roll her over, tickling her on her belly while she playfully pretends to bite.  Whitey jumps in the middle between us while Molly waits patiently a few inches away.  I continue to roll Maggie around and tickle her until she is panting and then I turn my attention to Molly who bends her head to the bed sideways and nips at me while I poke at her playfully.  Maggie playfully attacks her while Whitey bounces all around the bed.
Message received.  Time for their dinner.  Better than an alarm clock and so much more fun!
Do you have fun habits with your pets?

By aencoker

Author, teacher, mom, grandmother, but most of all, Christian.

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