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From Thrift Store to Antiques Booth, A Little Black Washstand

When I saw this forlorn little guy at a thrift store, I did a double take.  It was wedged up against other furniture and priced higher than I usually pay, but it spoke to me, I suppose.  I just knew that I couldn’t leave it there.  It had to come home with me.


It was forlorn.  It had some stuff on its laminate top that looked like someone had tried to remove it, some kind of felt that had been glued on.  There were no knobs or handles on the drawers, and I could only get one drawer open.  There were also scraped places on the black paint, and a bit of what seemed to be yellow spray paint on one drawer ledge.  But still. . .


So he came home with me.  Or she.  What is a dresser/washstand anyway?  How do I know it is a washstand?  I Googled it.  

It’s just a dresser with a laminate top, to protect the wood, from, you know, washing!


I couldn’t decide whether or not to repaint, but in the end I didn’t.  I just used a butter knife and my thumbnail to scrape the black felt stuff from the top, sanded it all over, dabbed some black acrylic paint(yes, acrylic craft paint) where there was yellow paint and too much scraped paint.  I finished by rubbing lemon oil all over the paint.

Then I found some old white cabinet knobs and drawer handles I had gotten once at a garage sale and added those after spray painting the green handles white.  I begged screws from my dad and he found some in his massive stash that worked.

Then I added pretty black and white damask paper inside the drawers.  Oops, no photo of that. . .sorry!  It’s like this:

Anyway, here’s the result. . .


What do you think?
Good rescue?  I just hope someone else thinks so as well.


By aencoker

Author, teacher, mom, grandmother, but most of all, Christian.

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