Junkin' and Thriftin' Life

You never know what you might see. . .

. . .at your local Walmart!

Check this out!

It’s a 1950’s Chevrolet pickup truck so cool I had to take pictures.

If you look carefully, you may notice that the paint was intentionally done to look like rusty, aged, old paint.  Hubby says that Richard Rawlings of the Discovery Channel show “Fast ‘n’ Loud” calls it “patina.”  Rawlings is also on a Dodge commercial now, and he runs Gas Monkey Garage and Gas Monkey Bar & Grill in Dallas.  We know the word “patina” from the world of junk, don’t we?

Do you see the beer keg in the back and the old wood planked truck bed?

Pretty cool, and not so common, even here in the sticks of East Texas.



By aencoker

Author, teacher, mom, grandmother, but most of all, Christian.

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