Junkin' and Thriftin' Life Memoirs

Not my day. . .

Have you ever had a day when nothing went right, when you felt like you should have just stayed in bed?  I imagine we all have.
Today was that kind of day for me.
It started last night when I knelt down on the end of my porch to turn off the water faucet for the soaker hose in my front flower bed.
I watch out for snakes and spiders but I didn’t prepare myself for falling.  When I tried to stand up I fell backwards, hitting my hip and leg hard on the porch.  Ouch!
Today was going okay until I decided to change my plans and visit my antiques booth today instead of tomorrow.  I drove past the Pink Pistol in Lindale and was dreaming of the treasures inside when a police car emerged from its hiding place and followed me with its lights flashing.
No siren, though.  I’m thankful for the little things.  But the officer said he clocked me at 62 in a 40 mph zone!  Really?  I never speed!  Or at least I try not to.  But this time I was daydreaming and not paying attention.
Even mentioning the name of a former student who is an officer in the Lindale police force didn’t help.  He issued me a citation.
He did lower my top speed to 55, though.
Again, I’m thankful for the little things.
But where will that $130 come from?
Not my booth.  When I got to my booth, feeling sick at my stomach and ashamed of myself, I found only a couple of things gone, and something that I thought had sold was back in my booth.  I even asked the mall owner how much I have made so far this month, and it is only $16.  I may not make my rent this month.
What a day.  Yes, it could have been much worse.  I could have been injured last night when I fell.  I could have been in an accident or the officer could have written the true speed on the citation.
I still have to tell the hubs about my ticket.
Ugh, the day just gets better.
Now where were those cookies? 
“Nobody loves me; everybody hates me,
I’m gonna go out to my garden and eat some worms!”  (song my Grandma used to sing)
Hope you have a better day!



By aencoker

Author, teacher, mom, grandmother, but most of all, Christian.

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