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Cheap, Easy, and Simple Fall Decor

I almost didn’t decorate for fall.  I just couldn’t muster the mood.  I spread around some fake fall foliage and a few pumpkins and didn’t even bother with the Halloween decor until my daughter and hubby questioned me about me it, assuming something was wrong with me.

A garage sale box filled with a thrift store birdcage and jars with a real white pumpkin.
The hydrangeas are from my own garden.
I insisted nothing is wrong with me.  I just wasn’t in the mood.  I had moved on.  I just wasn’t interested.

My front porch vignette.  Can you guess which pumpkin is not real?  (It’s the biggest one!)
To appease them I began to haul out some old Halloween stuff and before I knew it, I became enthusiastic and even bought a few more things.

This typewriter was a Goodwill find decorated with flea market Bingo cards, primitive Halloween ornaments from an antique mall, and faux fall foliage.
I found these bouncy Halloween guys at a garage sale for $2.00!  I LOVE these!
This jack-o-lantern box was a lucky estate sale find.
I found this ghostly guy at the same estate sale as the box.  The lady who had them was 94! 
 She had great taste!
The ghost on the pumpkin was another of the 94-year-old lady’s items.  
This vignette sits on my kitchen counter.
This vintage-style Halloween card sits inside the birdcage on my dining table
 with real and faux squash.
Don’t you love my little vintage toy tambourine?  I found it at a flea market for only $5.00.  And yes, that is a Dearborn heater it sits on which is on plywood floors.  
We live in a 1961 frame house with floors in dire need of recovering!
I found this adorable witch at Cracker Barrel one year.
Finally, this little handmade cat I purchased at the Texas Renaissance Festival one year.

And those are most of my decorations!
I’d love to know what you think!  Please leave me a comment!



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