Being a Grandparent holidays Life

Time to hit the reset button. . .

2015 fades into 2016.  If you believed what television tells you, everyone celebrates with parties, noisemakers, champagne, and midnight kisses.  I daresay most people do what I did–say goodnight and go to bed, trusting that the new year will arrive whether I “usher it in” or not.  After all, it has managed to do so annually for the past *6 plus years.  Ahem.

With the dropping of the Times Square crystal ball comes the customary setting and breaking of resolutions.  New Year’s Resolutions.  That list that usually includes variations of the following:

    • lose weight
    • exercise
    • keep in touch with friends
    • keep in touch with relatives
    • go to church
    • put more money back
    • etc., ad nauseum. . .
As soon as I spend too much money on a meal that I eat too much of without calling an old friend or forgotten relative and fall asleep on the couch instead of working out and attending church, I have broken every single resolution in one fell swoop.
This year as I reflected on the past year–doesn’t everyone?–I decided to forego the usual resolutions.  I decided to reset myself.  Here’s why.
The holidays have become a drudgery.  I worked six days a week beginning mid-November, wrapping gifts for other people who spent far too much and bought far too much, while the Salvation Army reported that red kettle donations were down.  If you can afford to spend $500 on gift wrapping, what are you spending on gifts?  The excess leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, even though it pays my friend’s livelihood and affords me a nicer Christmas for my own family.
I bought a few gifts for my own family, but my husband and I awoke to an empty house, our children long grown and married with children of their own.  Whatever happened to the excitement of children waiting breathlessly for us to get up so they could open their gifts and look in their stockings?  It’s all in the past now.  We can only enjoy videos of our grandchildren opening their gifts at their own homes, and then watch them open what we give them, hoping they like it.
There’s a certain sadness about the holidays now.  As the years go on, we lose loved ones, and we lose youth.  But I am determined not to lose the focus.  I am pressing RESET.  I am going into this new year with the eyes of a child.  I am going to look at life as if I am experiencing it for the first time.  I have two brand new grandchildren and I am going to do my best to experience the wonder and excitement they bring with them as they learn about the world around them.
Therefore, I RESOLVE to do the following:
    • write something new everyday
    • do something new everyday
    • give everyone the benefit of the doubt
    • accept and forgive myself and others
    • love unconditionally
    • be thankful in all situations
    • be joyful in all things.
I’m hitting the reset button!
How about you?  What do you resolve to do this year?

By aencoker

Author, teacher, mom, grandmother, but most of all, Christian.

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