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The Junk Gypsies and Me

A little over a month ago I told you that I had been selected to be on the Junk Gypsy Book Launch Team.   I received a digital watermarked copy of their new book, Junk  Gypsy: Designing a Life at the Crossroads of Wonder & Wander by Amie and Jolie Sikes, published by Touchstone Books of Simon & Schuster.  As a chosen member of their team, I was asked to read the book and post about it on my social media.  So I did!

What a cool thing to peruse those beautiful pages, knowing that I was one of only 100 people given the privilege!  Being asked to write posts about the book was not a chore!  It was a natural outflowing of the honor of being selected and jaw-dropping amazing-ness of the book’s beauty and quality!  (Did I just make up a word?)

Not only did I get to read the book earlier than Joe Q. Public (or Joann), I got to join a Facebook group where the other members of the book launch team posted their impressions of the book as well.  We all became sisters in a sense, and the Junk Gypsies would even reply to our posts!

Then the best thing of all happened.  The Junk Gypsies posted a flyer of their upcoming book signing appearances and one of them happened to be at the Pink Pistol in my hometown, Lindale, Texas!

For those of you who don’t know, the Pink Pistol is Miranda Lambert’s store and boutique where she sells not only her music, tee shirts, and other swag, but also her signature wine, clothing, jewelry, and household items.  It’s a tourist destination in itself, run by her parents and located in a new building in the heart of Lindale’s new Cannery development.

Miranda and the Junk Gypsies have had a longstanding relationship that began years ago when she was just starting out as a musician.  The JGs designed her guns & wings logo, decorated her first tour bus, did a makeover of her Airstream trailer and later, her mother’s, and decorated her wedding venue.  And of course, I have known Miranda and her parents since she was in the third grade with my son.  I taught Miranda in high school and my son and she graduated from high school together.    I also worked occasionally at her store before it was the Pink Pistol.

Anyway, I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to meet the JG girls again!  I was sure they wouldn’t remember meeting me at Miranda’s concert in Tyler in 2006 or at a Cause for the Paws event a few years later, or at their Round Top store after that, but they did!  When I finally got to the front of the line and introduced myself and told them I was on the book launch team, they remembered my name!

Made my day!  They were so gracious!  We had our picture snapped, and then I made my way out, but not without speaking to Archie, aka Amy Allen, their model, and then their mother Janie.  I also introduced my mother, who had come with me, to everyone.

My beautiful mom and me.

I floated out the door and continue to walk just a little taller.  They remembered me!  And I love them even more.  If you haven’t checked out their book yet, do it!  It’s full of beautiful pictures, the story of Junk Gypsy, how-to instructions, and inspiration.  You can get it on Amazon here, or you can get a SIGNED copy at their website here.

The swag they gave each of the book launch team members!

What an experience!  What an honor!  What is even better than this whole experience, though, is knowing that my personal decorating style is now on trend.  Junk is cool!

Keep on reading, and keep on junkin’!



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