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My Christmas Cup Runneth Over

I’ve lived through 57 Christmases, some of them memorable, some not so memorable, even though I have tried to honor God during most of them by celebrating the birthday of His Son, which is what it is supposed to be about anyway.

But the real meaning of Christmas and the Nativity aside, this Christmas has to be the best ever.  Why?  Because both of my grandchildren visited my husband and me, together, for the first time.  What a great day!

The grands watching a video on Coco’s cell phone.

Our grandson is almost two, and our granddaughter just turned one. To see them open their gifts from Pop and Coco (with help, of course) and interact with one another was priceless, the best gift my children could have possibly given me.  To experience the wonder of a small child at Christmas again was a wonderful blessing, a privilege I don’t deserve but am so grateful for.

My two babies in 1989.

And then to get to share that with my parents, their great-grandparents, was the icing on the cake.  What better Christmas could there possibly be?

I hope I find out next Christmas, if I am lucky enough to have the grandbabies together again.  I am so thankful to my children for sharing them with us this year.  I don’t suppose a person can really know the true meaning of the word “grand” until they have grandchildren.  Yes, my cup runneth over.

What special blessing have you received this Christmas?



By aencoker

Author, teacher, mom, grandmother, but most of all, Christian.

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