THRIFTY HUNTER THURSDAY: Indiana hunting. . .

Anyone who read my post last week from Indiana knows that we saw deer and even got some shots, but nothing to bring home.  From my stand I didn’t even see a deer!  Jimmy said that I should have painted my face and hands because the deer probably saw me, but I  don’t think so.  After I left my stand that first day because I had been sitting for four and a half hours with a damp and cold behind, Jimmy got up there and saw three does!

Oh well, it was a lovely experience sitting in the trees in the quiet.  Here is a picture of my feet at sixteen feet from the ground.  

The green leaves make up the top of a small tree below.  Do you see the scattering of color on the forest floor?  It looked like a mosaic from the stand, not so much when I climbed down.

Me trying to take a self-photo while hanging on for dear life.  I did become more comfortable as time went on.  It was very scary at first!  Do you like my Primos pink camo and lace cap with the pink LED caplight?  That’s my pink Mission Craze bow hanging behind me.  If you look closely you can see a deer trail winding through the woods behind me.

I was trying to show the color of the trees in the woods.  They were changing color and it was just beautiful.  I can only imagine what that forest looks like when it snows, with snow covered branches and snow covering the ground.  

We left my tree stand in the tree for next year.  Yes, we were invited back!  Maybe we will have better luck.  Either way, we will enjoy visiting my sister, brother-in-law, and their four doggies!

Oh, I almost forgot!  How did this relate to thriftiness?  Well, we didn’t have to pay for lodging, and they fed us most of our meals.  (I won’t mention the $150 non-resident hunting license I had to buy.  My husband had to buy one, too.  That set us back a little. . .)  It was SO worth it!



THRIFTY HUNTER THURSDAY: Countdown to Indiana!

Lord willing, we are leaving for Indiana in two days!  Not only do I get to do a 14-hour road trip, I get to see my baby sister AND hunt AND enjoy cooler temperatures!  Does it get any better than that?  Let’s see if I have everything I need:

  • Black’s Creek bow case with the pink deer plushie my daughter made for me:  check!

  • Pink camo practice quiver my husband made for me with practice arrows: check!

  • Pink camo backpack with all my necessities, including OFF Clip-On, binoculars, deer grunt, wet wipes, knife, gloves, cap, scarf, face paint, harness, and other things I cannot do without while on the hunt:  check!
Hubby and I were outside practicing earlier today.  He was grouping his arrows on the target like a pro!
I climbed up in the 17-foot stand for the first time–yes, in my harness–and didn’t do as well as I do on the ground.  I finally figured it out, though.  Form is everything.

And it’s a lot different in the stand than it is on the ground.  I’m not very consistent, but I did get pretty tired after a few draws. We’ll see what happens!

By the way, here are more photos of the plushie and the quiver.  If you are interested in purchasing one, message me!

Natalie did such a great job on this!  So cute!
Stay tuned. . .



So yesterday I went out in the backyard and practiced shooting my bow.  Yes, without nudging from hubby, all on my own accord.  I shoot random arrows with field points at a Glendel buck target.  Granted, it doesn’t move, but it provides a pretty good estimate of whether or not you can hit a target.  

This is how I did at 20 yards. . .

I think I would have gotten this buck if it had been real.  It may have taken awhile to track it, though.  Those arrows are random.  They are some old ones my hubby used to shoot.  He might break a tip and then he trims it down and gives it to me.  I save my pretty pink ones for the archery shop range.  I have some pink Ted Nugent Goldtip zebra arrows with Rage broadheads for the real hunt.

This is how I did at 30 yards. . .(please don’t laugh)

At least I didn’t miss the target completely!  I’m proud of those two clustered together.  They just needed to be a bit lower.  

By the way, how do you like our backyard archery range?  We can shoot as far as we want, 20, 30, 40 yards or beyond.  I just hope the cat stays out of the way. . .

Indiana, here we come!



Thrifty Hunter Thursday: Practice, practice, practice. . .


My husband keeps telling me that I need to practice if I am ever going to get a deer with my bow.  I have been resisting because of the incessant Texas heat, or because I’m not dressed, or because it’s the wrong time of day, or because I’m not in the mood, etc., etc., ad nauseum.  But now that our hunting trip to Indiana is only a couple of weeks away, I think I better heed his advice.  (Is it because I don’t like being told what to do?  Nah, that couldn’t be it. . .Me?  Stubborn?)

So, yesterday I got out with my bow and actually practiced while he was at work.  I wish I had gotten a photo.  I shot at his new Glendel buck target and I am proud to say that not only did I hit the target with all six arrows that I shot, I got 3, yes, THREE, in the heart, 2 in the lung, and 1 just below the lung.  I didn’t miss the target!  I had a CLUSTER of arrows in the heart!  Woo hoo! 
Jimmy wasn’t around so I “woo hoo-ed” to Lucy, my cat.  She was proud of me.  I could tell because of the tone of her meow.  It got me so pumped that I was going to practice again today, but we got rain.  Yes, we actually got RAIN!  I certainly won’t complain about that.  Now, when I practice again, if I miss–and that is a big IF–and if it hits the dirt, there won’t be a huge cloud of dust.  The ground is wet.  Perfect.  Perfect rain makes a perfect day after almost perfect practicing.  Yes, perfect!  Indiana, here I come!


Thrifty Hunter Thursday: Practice Time!

I was thrilled last summer when my husband bought me a new Mathews Mission Craze pink camouflage bow.  I had been practicing with an ancient PSE.  The Craze was a whole new experience.  This fall will be my second archery season with my beautiful bow, and I intend to be much stronger and more accurate than I was last  year.  If a deer had walked right out in front of me last fall, I’m not sure I would have been able to hit it with an arrow.

However, I have more practice under my belt, and once this Texas weather cools off to the lower 90’s again, I will be outside practicing as much as I can.  

We are very fortunate to have some acreage outside city limits where we can set up targets and shoot freely without fear of an arrow going where it shouldn’t.  My husband Jimmy and I enjoy going out to the backyard in the cool of the late afternoon and shooting a few arrows.  It’s a friendly competition to see who can be more accurate.  So far, he has beat me, but he has been using a bow a lot longer than I have.  

He actually shot his first buck with a bow last year.  He was so proud.  With the doe I shot on opening day, we are still enjoying venison and it is almost summer’s end!  Jimmy also bought a European skull mount kit and cleaned the deer skull himself.  That is another story.  For now, I will share some photos of me in our backyard with my Mission Craze bow.

Me and the Craze!  (complete with goofy grin!)
Working on proper form. . .

                                                                                    Watch out, deer!
April  xoxo