Things I Can’t Wait to Do

There’s little to do around here these days except for cleaning, fixing meals, surfing the web, doing projects, running to the store when necessary, and talking on the phone or texting. I’ve just about exhausted the projects that I am willing to take on, and having nowhere to donate or store unwanted items makes decluttering a problem.  

I’m really not complaining because I know there are many people out there working to keep us safe, healthy, fed, receiving mail and shipments, and keeping stores, gas stations, the government, etc. in business.  I pray for you guys each and every day.  Still, I bet you are looking forward to better days as well.  

Here are things I look forward to doing:

  •  hugging my children and grandchildren. Not getting to see them in person has been the hardest part of this stay-at-home order.
  • playing with my grandchildren. I can’t wait to play peek-a-boo, finally have an Easter egg hunt, draw on the cement, blow bubbles, do puzzles, read books, play hide-and-seek again.
  •  going to church and greeting fellow believers in person.
  •  sitting down at a restaurant and enjoying a meal.
  •  meeting friends.
  •  getting together with family.
  •  going to garage sales.
  •  going shopping, especially thrift shopping.
  •  camping with friends.
  •  packing away my face mask.
What about you? What are the things you look forward to?
Hang in there. Stay safe and well.

Junkin' and Thriftin'

Meaningless Drivel Monday: Garage Sale Loot

Garage sale season is in full swing around here.  October has got to be the busiest month of the year with all the festivals, school events, and yard sales.  It is SO much fun to go garage saling, or gs-ing as my sisters and I say, when the weather is cooler, too!  

My parents have started gs-ing on Fridays and last Friday I tagged along.  Here is what I came home with. . .

From left to right:
  • a mini flagpole for only two bucks;
  • a vintage floral sheet I’ll use to cover a chair seat for only one dollar;
  • a vintage Fisher-Price (it still has the label) duck pull toy for only one dollar (great for Christmas decor);
  • a baby’s Mexican dress and Old Navy shoes for one dollar (to be part of a baby gift I’m giving);
  • a super soft floppy-eared rabbit with a microwavable bean filler for only .25 (may be another gift);
  • new plate stands in the package for one dollar (great for chalkboard trays);
  • local artist-made owl clock which still works for only five dollars;
  • old metal flower frog for .50;
  • silver tray for chalkboarding, $2.00;
  • heavy brass curtain rods, $3.00;
  • vintage drawing books, .25 each (Natalie stole these from me!);
  • vintage beaded purse, $4;
  • laminate clipboard, .50.
I made off like a bandit!  I still had cash in my pocket, and that NEVER happens!  What a fun day of junkin’ for me and my parents, who also brought home lots of good loot.

What am I gonna do with all this junk?  Repurpose, recycle, resell, regift, retain!
It’s the thrill of the hunt!

What treasures have you gotten lately from garage sales?



RANDOM FRIDAY: Sales everywhere!

Where to go, where to go?  Weekends in October are jam-packed with choices.  There are all kinds of festivals, garage sales, yard sales, highway sales, and barn sales!  Yesterday I took Mom for a haircut, met my sister Sharon and her hubby and daughter for lunch at a little sandwich shop in Mineola, Texas, and then Mom and I checked out some of the sales along Highway 80.

This is the weekend of the Highway 80 yard sale, which is quite similar to the 400-mile endless yard sale of HGTV fame.  Sales are supposed to stretch across East Texas from Wills Point all the way to Shreveport, Louisiana!  We focused on the tiny strip of 80 that runs through Mineola, and found a few goodies!

Today hubby and I made the trip to the small town of Gresham south of Tyler for the Gresham Barn Sale.  I found out a few months ago that one of my former students, Jodi Tjoelker Miller, is the proprietor of this sale and her business, Vintage and Co. It was great to see her after over twenty years, and to see what a talented entrepreneur and crafter she has become!  She had tons of goodies–antiques, crafting supplies, vintage decor.  I nabbed a couple of things I couldn’t resist, but I could have loaded my whole SUV down!

Shots from the barn from Jodi’s blog. . .

She will be hosting a Christmas sale in November.  I can’t wait! Check out her blog for details. . .