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Meaningless Drivel Monday: Garage Sale Loot

Garage sale season is in full swing around here.  October has got to be the busiest month of the year with all the festivals, school events, and yard sales.  It is SO much fun to go garage saling, or gs-ing as my sisters and I say, when the weather is cooler, too!  

My parents have started gs-ing on Fridays and last Friday I tagged along.  Here is what I came home with. . .

From left to right:
  • a mini flagpole for only two bucks;
  • a vintage floral sheet I’ll use to cover a chair seat for only one dollar;
  • a vintage Fisher-Price (it still has the label) duck pull toy for only one dollar (great for Christmas decor);
  • a baby’s Mexican dress and Old Navy shoes for one dollar (to be part of a baby gift I’m giving);
  • a super soft floppy-eared rabbit with a microwavable bean filler for only .25 (may be another gift);
  • new plate stands in the package for one dollar (great for chalkboard trays);
  • local artist-made owl clock which still works for only five dollars;
  • old metal flower frog for .50;
  • silver tray for chalkboarding, $2.00;
  • heavy brass curtain rods, $3.00;
  • vintage drawing books, .25 each (Natalie stole these from me!);
  • vintage beaded purse, $4;
  • laminate clipboard, .50.
I made off like a bandit!  I still had cash in my pocket, and that NEVER happens!  What a fun day of junkin’ for me and my parents, who also brought home lots of good loot.

What am I gonna do with all this junk?  Repurpose, recycle, resell, regift, retain!
It’s the thrill of the hunt!

What treasures have you gotten lately from garage sales?



By aencoker

Author, teacher, mom, grandmother, but most of all, Christian.

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