THRIFTY HUNTER THURSDAY: Countdown to Indiana!

Lord willing, we are leaving for Indiana in two days!  Not only do I get to do a 14-hour road trip, I get to see my baby sister AND hunt AND enjoy cooler temperatures!  Does it get any better than that?  Let’s see if I have everything I need:

  • Black’s Creek bow case with the pink deer plushie my daughter made for me:  check!

  • Pink camo practice quiver my husband made for me with practice arrows: check!

  • Pink camo backpack with all my necessities, including OFF Clip-On, binoculars, deer grunt, wet wipes, knife, gloves, cap, scarf, face paint, harness, and other things I cannot do without while on the hunt:  check!
Hubby and I were outside practicing earlier today.  He was grouping his arrows on the target like a pro!
I climbed up in the 17-foot stand for the first time–yes, in my harness–and didn’t do as well as I do on the ground.  I finally figured it out, though.  Form is everything.

And it’s a lot different in the stand than it is on the ground.  I’m not very consistent, but I did get pretty tired after a few draws. We’ll see what happens!

By the way, here are more photos of the plushie and the quiver.  If you are interested in purchasing one, message me!

Natalie did such a great job on this!  So cute!
Stay tuned. . .


THRIFTY HUNTER THURSDAY: "Please release me, let me go. . ."

Elvis’s words were never more appropriate than when you release your arrow with your bow.  I can hear my pretty pink zebra arrow singing these words as I close in on my target. . .I know, I am dating myself severely.  My mother was/is a HUGE Elvis fan, so I know lots of his song lyrics.  She often played his records while cleaning house, so I grew up listening to them.  Not only Elvis, but Buddy Holly, the Platters. . .

Okay, back to today’s topic. . .

It is difficult in these parts to find lady archery supplies in any abundance.  Along a whole wall of compound bows in our local sporting goods stores, there might be one pink one and even that one is usually for children.  To find a pink release or pink arrows or a pink quiver is a rare find indeed.  In all fairness, these stores are beginning to wake up and provide more than one choice for us lady archers.  Believe it or not, my local Walmart has one of the best selections of any store I have seen.

You can imagine my excitement when I discovered the Tru-Fire pink bow release at a local archery pro shop.  However, after a few uses, I realized that it wouldn’t work for me because the actual release part was too floppy and wouldn’t stay in my hand at a critical point in my draw.  In frustration I resorted to using one of my husband’s old releases.  Every time we visited an archery department I would look at their releases to see if maybe someone had designed a better one, in pink camo, of course.

I found it this summer at our local archery shop, On Target Archery in Canton, Texas.  Manufactured by Tru-Fire, my new release is the Edge Buckle Foldback Pink.  It is pink camo, adjusts with a cute buckle, and has a rigid post which actually folds out of the way when needed.  It was also much cheaper than the price shown on the website.  I love it! 

After all, who wants a mismatched bow and release?  A girl’s gotta be fashionable, even in the deer stand!