Lights On Lights Off

Last I wrote I left you thinking that I had finally made it to the campground and was set up and ready for the night.  Uh, think again.   I got all settled in, rearranging and putting back all the things that moved and were put away during my travels, and was just about to don my comfy pajamas and watch an episode of Doc Martin when BAM. The power went off.
With a sinking feeling I peaked out the window to see if it might be the campground, but alas, all the other campers and campsites were lit.  It was just me.  What the heck?
I used the light of my phone to find my flashlight and then the breaker box in the cabinet over the sink.  Flick, flick, flick, flick.  Nothing.  Maybe it was the power pole.
I went out to the power pole and flicked its breaker on and off.  Nothing.  Maybe it was my extension cord.  I unplugged and plugged.  Nothing.  Hm. . .
I thought of trying an appliance at the pole to see if I could determine if it was them or me.  I carried a little heater out there and plugged it in to my extension cord and the pole.  The heater worked.  Now what?
I remembered seeing a phone number posted on the office door for after-hours assistance so I walked down to the office and dialed the number on my cell phone.  Voice mail.  I left my message, a plea for help, and started the walk back to my trailer.  The manager called me back before I got there.
Imagine this in the dark. . .
Soon one of the maintenance guys arrived to assist me.  It was after 10 p.m.  He tried everything I had already tried, and a half hour later, apologized, saying that there was an RV service guy who would probably come the next day.  I could get his number at the office.
I thanked him, called my husband for the twentieth time (I exaggerate), this time so tired I could barely speak.  He urged me to get a hotel but I told him I was so tired that I was just going to fall in my bed, power or not.  I did just that.  Thankfully there was a nice cool breeze off the lake so I cranked opened my delicate vintage glass windows for the first time and lay down, clothes and all.
“Why me, Lord?  Why did all this have to happen today?”  I prayed, exhausted.
Think of Job and what he went through, He replied ever so quietly and gently.
“You’re right,” I replied.  “Please forgive me for complaining, and thank you for getting me here safely.”
With that short prayer, I closed my eyes for a fitful night, waking to birds chirping in the morning.
Another blessing.  I would not have heard the birds if my fan had been on and my windows closed.  And I certainly would not have heard the Lord’s reminder if everything had gone like I thought it should have.
Stay tuned. . .

Meaningless Drivel Monday: It was a Scamptastic kind of day!

Today was a beautiful day to work on my Scamp trailer and I had to share my progress!  Today I actually cut the carpet piece that will go in the living area.  I did it myself!

But first I have to show you what I did with this ugly hole where the furnace used to be.

I cleaned it out the best I could and tucked some stray wires out of the way before placing this cola crate inside.

I also had an old wine crate that I picked up at a thrift store and thought it might fit on top of the cola crate.

Would you look at that?  They both fit!  I will have to figure out a way to anchor them to the fiberglass.  They will make cute shelves with a yardstick barrier across them and a curtain to cover the space.

Now for the carpet.  I brought some contractor’s paper out to the Scamp to make a template, but realized that all I needed to do was take measurements and then do the cutting in the house.  If I had a workshop space I would have done it there but the kitchen floor worked just fine.

This is the area I needed to cover.  Hubby had already done the “upstairs.”

Yukky, huh?  That is glue residue from the old carpet.  It has a solid floor, though!
Step up to the “upstairs.”  It’s a two-story, two-bedroom trailer. . .just kidding.
Here’s the part I laid down.

Yes, there are wrinkles and uneven places.  I am letting the carpet sit a couple of days in the heat so it will relax before I make the final cuts and glue it down.  And hubby didn’t have to do it!
I couldn’t resist dragging the cushions out of my storage building and putting the new cushion covers on a couple of them.  I’ve had them packed away for over two years!  I had to give myself and you a sneak preview.

Isn’t that fabric cute?  And it looks so great with the wall color!  I am SO excited!  I can’t wait to get it all finished and put together. 

I’m going to leave you with this picture.  Try to guess what I will be doing with this old metal tray.

Give up?  Stay tuned!


Meaningless Drivel Monday: Scamp Update (Lots of Photos!)

Remember this little guy? (gal?)

Progress has been slow on her restoration but today I got back inside and made some progress!

I caulked the gaps between the pieces of Ensolite that line the walls.  I had already painted them a light sage green using Behr ultra latex paint.  I am so happy with that color!  
When the caulk is dry I will go in and paint it the same color as the walls.  Yes, I know that foam around the air conditioning unit is ridiculous.  It was a temporary fix until I can get in there and trim it to fit.  

I finished all the rag curtains but had to take them down to caulk and paint.  I can’t wait to show you what they look like up.  So cute!  Visit my Etsy shop to order some for yourself!  
Hubby had to extend the floor in front of the door because the door was bent out a bit.  It was much easier to fix it that way than to try and bend the door back.  We just need to add a threshold and carpet now.
I primed the cabinet doors which will be painted red to match the upholstery fabric.  That hole in the countertop was where the cooktop stove used to be.  It will be covered with a board and a microwave oven.
This opening held the furnace which we removed.  It will be made into storage and covered with another rag curtain.
I haven’t decided where the butterfly chalkboard will end up, but it is cute!
The sitting area with potty cabinet door primed and floor ready for carpet.
The cupboards over the bed and bench, and the potty chair door, will be painted turquoise.
This is the door to the closet primed and ready for red paint.  Some turquoise paint was left on the paintbrush but it will be repainted anyway.
Lucy the cat keeps me company while I work.  She usually ends up with some paint on her fur!
Molly (left) and Maggie, two of our Boston terriers, watch Lucy from the backyard.  
Whitey also watches Lucy.
Lucy ignores them, of course.
There is still much work to do.  She also needs a good scrubbing and some new paint on the exterior.  All in due time, all in due time.  

Let me know what you think of our progress!



AT HOME MONDAY: Back to the Scamp!

Remember this little guy (gal)?  I posted about over a year ago?  Or was it two years?  My husband and I fully intended to restore this little doll and use her at our deer hunting site.  (I can’t call it a deer lease because we don’t actually lease the land. . .it belongs to my brother and sister-in-law.)  She got put on the back burner after I got a teaching job 70 miles from home and had neither the time nor energy to devote to her. So she sat there, all forlorn and mildewy, until last week when I started working on her again!  (God bless retirement!)

We had already replaced the little air conditioner, pulled up the carpet and started putting a new piece down, removed the seat cushions and compartment doors, and scrubbed the walls and ceiling down.  However, sitting neglected for that long just invited more mildew, so it’s back to square one.

Part of the dinette area bench with storage underneath.

Last week I finished painting the inside of the closet, and today I painted part of the rear ceiling and wall, using Behr Premium Plus Ultra flat latex paint in Pale Sagebrush.  I used a paint sample left over from painting our house, so I ran out quickly.  I’ll have to make another trip to Home Depot before I can continue painting.  Sponge brushes work well but wear out very quickly, so I switched to a cheap two-inch paintbrush.

The unfinished floor.

New paint makes all the difference.  I am thinking about using paper on the sides and putting a base shelf on the bottom over the wheel well, so I can put a plastic drawer unit inside.  Other ideas?

Work pile on top of the front bench.  There’s a porta potty behind that little door.

Unwelcome visitor on one bench.

More trespassers on the countertop!  There must be a nest somewhere.

Nothing gets your pumper pumping like glancing down while you’re painting to see a red wasp about eight inches away, walking up the wall towards you.  For those of you unfamiliar, these wasps are as angry as their color and pack a very painful stinger!  Thank goodness he was wobbly because of the cooler weather.  He wore a wet coat of paint to his funeral, but no hymns were sung!  Just one big hallelujah!

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of my little 1978 Scamp camper.  Now that I know what kind of paint application works, I can finish that up, finish the flooring, and get the cushions back in!  I can’t wait!  I’m ready to take her on the road!

Stay tuned!


RANDOM FRIDAY: Sweet little camper trailer. . .

I have an obsession.  You can ask my family.  Every time I see a small camper trailer, I squeal and point, even if I am in midsentence.  I am lucky to have a husband who tolerates my obsession.  He even agreed to me buying a tiny little 1978 Scamp a couple of years ago, which will be highlighted in this blog as soon as I (we) make more progress on its restoration.

But already having a teeny trailer does not my infatuation lessen.  During our recent trip to Indiana my sister told me about a little camper decorated like a bandanna in a lot on the way to the local Walmart.  I tried to imagine what it must look like, but I wasn’t prepared for the extreme cuteness factor.  She drove slowly by and I spotted it, which elicited my usual squeal.  Like the wonderful sister she is, she informed her husband that they must stop and let April (that’s me) look at it.  

And that is just what we did the last day of our visit.  The owner of the lot where it was parked was kind enough to allow us to go down the hill and look not only all around the outside, but also on the inside.  Thank goodness for my little Blackberry phone camera!

This is the view from the highway. . .

It was sitting in a lot with several trailers Mr. Shewmaker has for sale.  It looked lonely down there!  
Naturally we had to get a closer look. . .

Isn’t she adorable?  Someone with more talent than I painted the paisley design to look like a red bandanna wrapped around it.

 Now for a look at the other side. . .

 I just love the little shutters and the louvered glass door.

And look at those little wings!  Aren’t those to die for?  There were no identifying emblems on it, but it looks like a Shasta to me.  Even the dings and small dents don’t take away from its charm.

Here’s Jimmy checking out the spare on the back.  He thought it was loose, but I believe they are supposed to slant down like that!

Of course we had to check to see if the door was locked.  It wasn’t!  So we had a peek inside.  It was just as adorable as the outside, and there was a slide-out step under the door!

I LOVE the color scheme!  The black and white tiles, the polka dots and the chicken print cushions. . .amazing!  As you can see in the middle interior photo, there is some water damage below the window, but it could be repaired and the window sealed. 

By the way, the chicken print cushions were just lying on the table, out of their intended places. 

I was dying to know how much they were asking for this little jewel, so I asked the owner when we got back to our car.  He told me that he was selling it for someone else and they wanted $2500.  $2500!  I wish I could have written him a check, but hubby reminded me that I already had a Scamp.  Phooey.  The more teeny trailers, the merrier in my book.  So. . .

. . .if anyone reading this is interested, it will be a twelve to fourteen hour drive to southern Indiana if you are from East Texas.  And that is ONE WAY.  If you are still interested, here is the man’s phone number.  Just add area code 812. . .

And don’t tell me. . .I’ll just squeal and honk when I see you on the highway. . .