RANDOM FRIDAY: Sweet little camper trailer. . .

I have an obsession.  You can ask my family.  Every time I see a small camper trailer, I squeal and point, even if I am in midsentence.  I am lucky to have a husband who tolerates my obsession.  He even agreed to me buying a tiny little 1978 Scamp a couple of years ago, which will be highlighted in this blog as soon as I (we) make more progress on its restoration.

But already having a teeny trailer does not my infatuation lessen.  During our recent trip to Indiana my sister told me about a little camper decorated like a bandanna in a lot on the way to the local Walmart.  I tried to imagine what it must look like, but I wasn’t prepared for the extreme cuteness factor.  She drove slowly by and I spotted it, which elicited my usual squeal.  Like the wonderful sister she is, she informed her husband that they must stop and let April (that’s me) look at it.  

And that is just what we did the last day of our visit.  The owner of the lot where it was parked was kind enough to allow us to go down the hill and look not only all around the outside, but also on the inside.  Thank goodness for my little Blackberry phone camera!

This is the view from the highway. . .

It was sitting in a lot with several trailers Mr. Shewmaker has for sale.  It looked lonely down there!  
Naturally we had to get a closer look. . .

Isn’t she adorable?  Someone with more talent than I painted the paisley design to look like a red bandanna wrapped around it.

 Now for a look at the other side. . .

 I just love the little shutters and the louvered glass door.

And look at those little wings!  Aren’t those to die for?  There were no identifying emblems on it, but it looks like a Shasta to me.  Even the dings and small dents don’t take away from its charm.

Here’s Jimmy checking out the spare on the back.  He thought it was loose, but I believe they are supposed to slant down like that!

Of course we had to check to see if the door was locked.  It wasn’t!  So we had a peek inside.  It was just as adorable as the outside, and there was a slide-out step under the door!

I LOVE the color scheme!  The black and white tiles, the polka dots and the chicken print cushions. . .amazing!  As you can see in the middle interior photo, there is some water damage below the window, but it could be repaired and the window sealed. 

By the way, the chicken print cushions were just lying on the table, out of their intended places. 

I was dying to know how much they were asking for this little jewel, so I asked the owner when we got back to our car.  He told me that he was selling it for someone else and they wanted $2500.  $2500!  I wish I could have written him a check, but hubby reminded me that I already had a Scamp.  Phooey.  The more teeny trailers, the merrier in my book.  So. . .

. . .if anyone reading this is interested, it will be a twelve to fourteen hour drive to southern Indiana if you are from East Texas.  And that is ONE WAY.  If you are still interested, here is the man’s phone number.  Just add area code 812. . .

And don’t tell me. . .I’ll just squeal and honk when I see you on the highway. . .



By aencoker

Author, teacher, mom, grandmother, but most of all, Christian.

3 replies on “RANDOM FRIDAY: Sweet little camper trailer. . .”

Oh that is just an evil little blog. I also am a squealer. I had a '74 scotty and unfortunately had to let it go. I actually cried as they drove out the lane. Which is funny because I live in Indiana and the person who bought it was from Texas. To see this one so close makes me squeal and want to sell something so I can get it. Sigh.


I have a 16' Scamp, maybe 1968. can't remember. It's dry docked and waiting on me to start a remodel for my she shed sewing room. These are good ideas. Blu


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