Glamping and Melting

I just returned from a camping trip I shouldn’t have gone on. (Yes, this former English teacher just ended a sentence with a preposition. I’m not ashamed.) Why would I say such a thing? What happened? Was there a camping catastrophe, a glamping goof, a trailer trauma? Nope, none of those. It was just too darn hot!

This campout was at a beautiful new campground in Oklahoma called the Do Drop Inn RV Resort at Lake Texoma. It isn’t actually on the lake, but it’s close enough to provide easy access. Maybe I should have taken advantage of the lake to cool off, but I didn’t, unfortunately.

You may be unaware that little vintage trailers like mine are not insulated. The only thing between you and the great outdoors is a layer of plywood and a thin layer of metal called the skin. I guess no one thought to insulate these little trailers. Maybe it would have made it too comfortable–more like being at home than camping. I don’t know, but my little trailer heats up like a tin box in the bright summer sun.

Miss Millie resting in the bright sun.
Even if she was hot inside, I still love her!

Don’t you have air conditioning? You bet I do. The last vacation I took without air conditioning was when I was a kid on a family vacation and I had no choice. That’s the summer I brought my Donny Osmond album to play at my cousin Donna’s house and it warped before we got there. You Gen X’s and Millenials probably don’t have a clue what I’m talking about. When vinyl gets too hot, it warps or bends, making the record almost impossible to play. (Search “warped record album” images and you’ll see.)

I still have it! Notice my Color Street thumbnail
matches his pants!

The problem is that the little portable unit that I have nestled under my dinette table in my camper just can’t keep up when the temps go above 90 degrees. I was comfortable at night but as the day heated up it got more and more uncomfortable. The first full day of camping I went thrift shopping and returned around 4:00 pm. I tried to rest but it was so uncomfortable in my camper that I quickly dressed for dinner (Denim & Diamonds was the theme) and headed to the clubhouse two hours early to escape the heat.

This is my honkin’ A/C unit. The louver at the top opens and blows cold air, but it doesn’t keep up very well. Everything behind it stays scorching hot!

Although I enjoyed getting to see my camping friends, a few I hadn’t seen for over a year, I found this entire campout less enjoyable than others. It was just too hot to sit around outside a campfire or around someone’s camper, or even out on the deck and visit. Everything had to be done inside. Of course, that is also the case when it rains, but at least I’m not sweating. I could have hung out in the pool but I would have gotten sunburned since there was no shade there at all.

Me in my “denim and diamonds.” That expression on my face?
Who knows?

So what is the solution? Not going camping in September is the simplest solution. Maybe I could get someone to take the skin off my trailer and add insulation. Or maybe I could invent a giant popup canopy to park under. Or maybe I will pull that portable a/c unit out and install a window unit in one wall. I know one thing: camping in a vintage trailer in the bright summer sun ain’t for me any more. I’d just as soon be at home in the a/c looking at all the pictures of the campout on Facebook.

What about you? Do you enjoy summer camping, or like me, do you prefer cooler weather?



Little Miss Millie: The big reveal!

If you’ve been wondering what the inside of my little 1962 Scotsman travel trailer looks like, well, wonder no more.
After much searching, begging (sisters/hubby), arranging, and rearranging, she’s finally ready to show off!

Come on in and have a look!

This is the right wall just inside the door.  The previous owner had left behind some hints of turquoise and lime green, so I decided to go with it.  The deer skull was a fun find at a local gun show that was originally pink but it needed turquoise paint and glitter to fit in.

This is the front of the trailer with its dinette that can be converted into a bed.  My sister Brenda fashioned the curtains from shiny lime green drapes, turquoise and brown fringe donated by my other sister Sharon (who donated a pillow), and thrift store doilies!  Aren’t they adorable?
Brenda also donated the tablecloth and made that super cute paper feather chandelier!

That portable a/c unit was our only option since we didn’t want to cut holes in the skin or tamper with the jalousie windows.  When will someone make a table top a/c unit?
Directly across from the door and in the center of the trailer is the kitchen area, complete with a sink and stovetop.  At the moment I have the microwave sitting over the sink, but as soon as hubby builds a stand over the cooktop it will go there.

To the rear of the trailer is the bedroom, or boudoir.  When I am camping, the vintage Coleman ice chest and water jug go outdoors.  That frilly ruffly thing with the pink toilet seat cover is my potty!
I adore the shelf above the back window that holds my precious stuff!

These are views of the foot and head of the bed.  At the foot there is a shelf, hooks, and racks, which come in handy for more precious stuff!  Check out that lampshade chandelier created by my sister Brenda.

This shot shows the copper covered icebox door as well as the super narrow closet door.

That about wraps it up!
Decorating these little trailers is such fun!  Please let me know what you think of my efforts, and share photos of your vintage trailer if you own one!



A girl’s just gotta get away. . .

Last week I ran away.
Not literally.
I loaded up Li’l Scampin’ Annie (my vintage Scamp travel trailer) and headed east.
My destination was only 40 miles away but it could have been 400, as far away from my
day-to-day life as it seemed.

Annie in the snow a week before I left.  Hubby surprised me by giving her a good bath before my trip.
I was embarking on my first Get’away Gals camping trip!  The Get’away Gals is a ladies only camping group that branched off from Sisters on the Fly.  You may have heard of them.  The GG’s, as we call them, include ladies from Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma and limit their group to 500 members.

I was lucky enough to be accepted into their membership last August, but this would be my first camping trip with them.  I couldn’t have been more excited.

My “homestead” at the campground.
It was no small preparation!  For weeks I made lists and more lists in an effort to make sure I didn’t forget a thing.  Departure day finally arrived.

Most of us double-parked so more ladies could attend.  I shared my spot with a cute vintage Shasta trailer.
Being the newbie camper that I am, I asked Hubby to follow me to the campground to make sure I set up correctly.  As it turned out, I backed the trailer in just fine and was able to unhook her and set her up all by myself.  At least my mother felt better about me going.  She didn’t want me traveling by myself.  I guess you never stop being mothered by your mother, if you’re lucky enough to still have her around.

Welcome to my crib!
The fun was soon to begin.
Stay tuned for details!


Wedded Life Wednesday: Getting ready for our first Scampin’ trip!

Remember this gal?  Her name is Scampin’ Annie and she has been a project for the past three years.  We acquired this 1978 Scamp in July of 2010 and have been slowly fixing her up.  I am happy to announce that she is finally ready for her maiden voyage!

We have reservations at a campground between Austin and Houston and will be towing her behind my Ford Escape this coming weekend! The campground is about 240 miles away.  It will be Friday the 13th, but I won’t think about that.  I cannot wait!

The hubs has been so wonderful doing the little tasks that I cannot do or didn’t even know needed to be done, such as installing working trailer lights, attaching the new license plate, greasing the wheel bearings (did I say that right?), and making sure the tires are good.  He even painted the wheels and polished the hubcaps!  (pics later)

This trip will actually be a trial run before my actual big Scamping trip to Texas Antiques Week in Round Top the first week of October.  Since it will just be me and my daughter and maybe my sister, he needs to be convinced that I can pass the trailer pulling, backing, and parking test.  Under his watchful eye, I will do all the hooking up, driving, pulling into parking lots, backing into the camping space, and unhooking.  I have to prove my mettle as a trailer hauler!  Wish me luck!

Actually, in spite of his and my mother’s misgivings (she worries about EVERYTHING), I have every confidence that I can do this!  If all those cowgirls can pull those long horse trailers, surely I can haul a 13-foot camper!  We will see.  We. Will. See.

Stay tuned!



Meaningless Drivel Monday: We’ll leave the light on. . .

As I write this, it is almost Tuesday, but I have to share anyway.  On Saturday hubby worked hard readjusting the window air conditioner in the Scamp so that the water would flow out of the camper instead of in!  It was a thankless job.  

I helped him remove all the foam insulation we had sprayed around it previously, which is what you see covering the ground.  Then we had to push and pull the little unit around so he could figure out how to reset it.  He ended up having to cut a piece of the window frame (GASP!) and then adding some wood to the frame.

As I walked back into the house to begin dinner I looked back at the Scamp.  Daylight was disappearing, and the little string of camper lights shone through the doorway.  Looking like home.  Looking like our future little home away from home on wheels.  The sight gave me a really warm happy feeling.

I just can’t wait to get her on the road!