Little Miss Millie: The big reveal!

If you’ve been wondering what the inside of my little 1962 Scotsman travel trailer looks like, well, wonder no more.
After much searching, begging (sisters/hubby), arranging, and rearranging, she’s finally ready to show off!

Come on in and have a look!

This is the right wall just inside the door.  The previous owner had left behind some hints of turquoise and lime green, so I decided to go with it.  The deer skull was a fun find at a local gun show that was originally pink but it needed turquoise paint and glitter to fit in.

This is the front of the trailer with its dinette that can be converted into a bed.  My sister Brenda fashioned the curtains from shiny lime green drapes, turquoise and brown fringe donated by my other sister Sharon (who donated a pillow), and thrift store doilies!  Aren’t they adorable?
Brenda also donated the tablecloth and made that super cute paper feather chandelier!

That portable a/c unit was our only option since we didn’t want to cut holes in the skin or tamper with the jalousie windows.  When will someone make a table top a/c unit?
Directly across from the door and in the center of the trailer is the kitchen area, complete with a sink and stovetop.  At the moment I have the microwave sitting over the sink, but as soon as hubby builds a stand over the cooktop it will go there.

To the rear of the trailer is the bedroom, or boudoir.  When I am camping, the vintage Coleman ice chest and water jug go outdoors.  That frilly ruffly thing with the pink toilet seat cover is my potty!
I adore the shelf above the back window that holds my precious stuff!

These are views of the foot and head of the bed.  At the foot there is a shelf, hooks, and racks, which come in handy for more precious stuff!  Check out that lampshade chandelier created by my sister Brenda.

This shot shows the copper covered icebox door as well as the super narrow closet door.

That about wraps it up!
Decorating these little trailers is such fun!  Please let me know what you think of my efforts, and share photos of your vintage trailer if you own one!



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Author, teacher, mom, grandmother, but most of all, Christian.

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