AT HOME MONDAY: Oh, the joy of thriftin’. . .

It’s “At Home Monday” but I did not stay home today.  Mom invited me to lunch with my aunt and cousin, so we met and had a very nice alfresco meal at a Mexican restaurant near their workplace. My aunt and cousin had to return to work, so Mom and I made the best of our trek to the city and went “thrifting” at two Goodwill stores!

Goodwill Industries recently announced their need for more donations and now their stores are RICH with goodies.  I have found more things for home and wedding and resale in the past two weeks than I have in all my thrifting years!

Today I found this treasure. . .

Oh, my, I was so excited!  I snatched it right up and plunked it down into my shopping cart!  The price was amazing, too, although I won’t reveal because it may become part of my store later.  However, for now, I will add it to my growing pile of wedding decor.  It will be cool if it works, but if it doesn’t, it is a beauty just sitting there, don’t you agree?

We had a fantastic good time today, just me and my mother.  Now that I am retired, I hope it’s the first of many happy thrifting trips to come!  Happy junkin’!



By aencoker

Author, teacher, mom, grandmother, but most of all, Christian.

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