THRIFTY HUNTER THURSDAY: The hunted hunter. . .

It’s finally archery season.  Hunters have been waiting for this time of the year.  They have set up their deer stands and blinds, planted and reaped tempting corn and oat crops, set up and filled feeders, bought or repaired their bows, practiced shooting targets, and bought their hunting licenses.  They, like my husband Jimmy and me, are ready.  Nothing can stop us now.  Or can it?

You’re sitting in your deer stand, and have been there for two hours waiting for daylight.  For all you non-hunters out there, you have to get to your stand early so you won’t scare the deer away when it gets light enough to see them.  As dawn dawns, you begin to be able to see what’s out there.  And what’s out there begins to see you, and find you, and BITE you!

It’s those pesky mosquitoes, the scourge of many a hunter.  Fortunately, there is a weapon out there for the war against mosquitoes.  Actually, there are two that my husband and I use and would highly recommend to anyone fighting the swarm.

Jimmy uses a Thermacell.  Well, he did before he lost his this week.  Luckily, our local Walmart carries them so we will be able to pick up another one for under $25.  These little units emit a warm repellent which keeps bugs away, and they are portable, with a holster and refills available.

As for me, the cheapskate and not yet a “real” archer with a bow kill under my belt, I use the less expensive but in my opinion just as effective Off! Clip-On.  It retails for less than $9 and also has refills available.  

Yes, we could spray ourselves down with Off! mosquito repellent on top of our DEET and Permethrin insect repellents.  We have to protect ourselves against ticks and chiggers as well.  But these two devices have cut down on the layers of insecticide we have to put on our clothes and skin and keep us from becoming mosquito breakfast.  Yay for modern technology!  Now I don’t have to swat at bugs while trying to be still in my stand!



By aencoker

Author, teacher, mom, grandmother, but most of all, Christian.

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