AT HOME MONDAY: Wedding Clutter?

It’s the Monday post-wedding and I am still alive and well and here to tell you about it! I was alive but very tired yesterday but still I spent the entire day gathering all the decor and gifts from the tent between the rain showers that politely waited until the day after the wedding to make their appearance.  As for the wedding day itself?  Saturday, November 10, 2012 in East Texas was the perfect day for an outdoor wedding. The blustery cold front with its severe thunderstorms and wind waited one day to hit.  Thank you, Lord!

I also spent a chunk of the day-after resting my poor feet and muscles.  They had worked overtime two straight days decorating and coordinating the wedding!  The effort was well worth it.  Just look at the happy couple. . .

I actually made the bouquets and boutonnieres from roses and baby’s breath that I ordered from a local florist.  I was able to buy the materials for the bridal bouquet, the matron of honor bouquet, and four boutonnieres for under $100!  Bryan and Natalie decided against tossing a bouquet and garter, which also saved money.

Both bouquets in a vase the day after.

Don’t you just love the little steampunk gear accents?

So, how much did the wedding end up costing?  Stay tuned for the great reveal, which may be Wednesday, or I might wait until Friday!  For today’s “At Home Monday” post, I will stick to what I have been doing here at home.

Yesterday all the wedding decor was transferred from the site in our field to my house in about three trips in my SUV and hubby’s pickup.  He helped so much with the furniture and heavier items!  But now my house and front porch are loaded with miscellaneous furniture and decor items, boxes of photos, white tulle, sheets, books, etc.  I have been going through boxes and piles of stuff trying to sort and put it away, either back in its original place as part of my home’s decor or in storage or to resell as vintage.

I used a lot of vintage and handmade items in the wedding decor.  Below is a photo of the guest book table.  I printed several photos of the couple in sepia and scattered them in vintage-y frames around the site.  I made the cards banner using stencils, scrapbook paper, and burlap, and I painted the Goodwill silver-plated tray with chalkboard paint.  I also wrapped two ballpoint pens with floral tape and silk flowers.  The rag garland was put together by tying strips of old sheets, tulle, and burlap onto jute twine.  The vintage Bibles (which belonged to family members), suitcase, and cake topper are part of my own collection. I covered the table with an old burlap coffee bean bag I purchased for two dollars in Canton.  The brass pointing hand I found at an antique store for five bucks. I ordered the mustaches on sticks from Etsy, then realized they are only made of balsa wood sticks and construction paper!  

In this next photo you can see the entire guest book table, which was set up on a small desk I found at Goodwill for less than $10.  Underneath the table is my antique typewriter–not quite a steal for $45 at my favorite antique shop, but better than a lot of places.  I got the cement Victorian boot for half price at Hobby Lobby because it had some chipped places, but those increased its value for me! The wishing tree is just a few pieces of branches that fell from our trees in the backyard.  I stuck them into an old antique store bucket and filled it with some pea gravel my mother had.  I added some small framed photos of the couple and another cake topper.  An old string of fake pearls finished it off.  The tree sat on a burlap-covered wrought iron plant stand.  Behind that was an iron wall gate with an antique wedding veil, another Goodwill find.  The gate was a gift from a friend.  Charming vignette!
Hopefully these few photos have peaked your interest in what other things we may have done with the decor.  Stay tuned all week for much, much more!




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