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Soggy Wet Wednesday: Scamping to Gypsyville

We have had two solid days of rainy weather, no storms, just slow and steady rain, the kind I’ve heard Washington state has all the time, the kind that I absolutely love.  Hubby tells me I wouldn’t like constant rain, and he is probably right, but this is wonderful after a long, hot summer. The trees will soon be displaying their beautiful fall colors, and spring flowers and plants are getting the moisture they need to burst into bloom next year.  I’m even wearing long sleeves and socks! No flip flops today!

Rain isn’t such good news for Annie, though, with her leaky vent and windows.  Hubby came through again and covered her with a tarp so I’m hoping she will stay dry through this rain.  Speaking of Annie, it’s time to tell about our shopping day in Round Top and Warrenton, Texas.

After a fairly comfortable night in the Scamp, we rose early and headed first to Fayetteville for ice and an ATM.  (What a cute little town!)  Then we headed to Round Top to be one of the first visitors to the new Junk Gypsy World Headquarters.  It was still a little early so we stopped at an eye-catching junk place where the junk and mosquitos were plentiful, but we left it all there.

This merchant’s wares spread all the way down the hill from his home and even included an old truck and fishing boat.
There was even an old Airstream trailer, a frequent sight in these parts.
Natalie, those toilets aren’t in working order!  She’s such a joker. . .

As the time grew near for the JGWH opening, we headed down the road about seven miles where we were some of the first guests, so we got a great parking spot!  I don’t know about Natalie, but I’ve been waiting for awhile to get to see this!

Ah, here it is, the beautifully crafted Gypsyville store. . .
If you are a Miranda Lambert or Blake Shelton fan, you may recognize this as the piece from their barn wedding back in 2011.
Every store needs a big fat Buddha.  He was under the table, guarding the jewelry.
Natalie even found items that she loved, like this cement mermaid.
So dreamy. . .
By the time we got ready to check out, the line was long!  The checkout counter is under that lighted crown.  We were honored to meet Archie, Junk Gypsy helper and model, who rang us up!  She was very sweet!
We had to have our picture made with Large Marge, of course.
After loading up with JG “stuff” we headed back to Warrenton for a few hours of shopping, and later on, the Junk-o-Rama prom!
Stay tuned!


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