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Thrifty Thursday: Shopping and Prom-ming

As promised, here is the tale of our day of shopping and going to proms in Warrenton, Texas during Antiques Week a couple of weeks ago.  After my daughter Natalie and I feasted our senses on the junky wonders at the Junk Gypsy World Headquarters, we found a place to park in a field just north of Zapp Hall where hundreds of vendors had set up their tents, booths, and goodies.

Wouldja look at all that junk?

More marvelous junk.
An extra set of hands, or even one, is a good thing, right?
We fueled up with Liz’s homecooked hamburgers and then browsed vendors before the heat and humidity forced us to leave about four hours later.  We would love to have stayed all day for several days!  Natalie did find nesting doll sets for herself and a friend, while I found pieces for my junk crafting and a tote made out of a Purina Dog Chow bag!  As fantastic as this place was, it comes in second compared to shopping at First Monday Trade Days in Canton, and we can visit there once a month instead of waiting for twice a year events that we have to take vacation days to visit.
(Sorry, Junk Gypsies, but I’ll have to remain loyal to Canton and it’s only 20 miles from home!)  However, a visit to the JGWH was totally worth it!

We left the shopping and returned to the campground to nap off the heat and sun overload, waking up just in time to get dressed up and head back to the Junk-o-Rama prom.  

Zapp Hall was the location so we chose the same parking place and followed the folks who looked like they were dressed for a junk prom.  They led us to a large covered area with tables, food and drink vendors and a photo booth where we stood in line to have our picture made.  But I didn’t see any evidence of the Junk Gypsies, who usually have their own photo booth and lots of decorations.  Also, the band didn’t look like the John Evans Band.  But we hung out anyway.

Our picture together.

A cute and outgoing couple befriended us in line for photos.  Her husband took our picture.  She was a hoot.
It wasn’t until much later that I overheard someone saying that the Junk Gypsy prom was farther away under the JG tent.  We had crashed the wrong prom!  So THERE were the JG decorations and their photo booth!  Here is Natalie standing by their sign.
And here is their tent.  The Junk-o-Rama prom was VERY well attended!  And THERE was John Evans!
Well, I can now say I went to Texas Antiques Week, Gypsyville, and the Junk-o-Rama prom.  I hope it won’t be my last trip, either.
Maybe next time the weather will be cooler and I’ll have a rockin’ prom outfit.
And Scampin’ Annie will be ready!

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Soggy Wet Wednesday: Scamping to Gypsyville

We have had two solid days of rainy weather, no storms, just slow and steady rain, the kind I’ve heard Washington state has all the time, the kind that I absolutely love.  Hubby tells me I wouldn’t like constant rain, and he is probably right, but this is wonderful after a long, hot summer. The trees will soon be displaying their beautiful fall colors, and spring flowers and plants are getting the moisture they need to burst into bloom next year.  I’m even wearing long sleeves and socks! No flip flops today!

Rain isn’t such good news for Annie, though, with her leaky vent and windows.  Hubby came through again and covered her with a tarp so I’m hoping she will stay dry through this rain.  Speaking of Annie, it’s time to tell about our shopping day in Round Top and Warrenton, Texas.

After a fairly comfortable night in the Scamp, we rose early and headed first to Fayetteville for ice and an ATM.  (What a cute little town!)  Then we headed to Round Top to be one of the first visitors to the new Junk Gypsy World Headquarters.  It was still a little early so we stopped at an eye-catching junk place where the junk and mosquitos were plentiful, but we left it all there.

This merchant’s wares spread all the way down the hill from his home and even included an old truck and fishing boat.
There was even an old Airstream trailer, a frequent sight in these parts.
Natalie, those toilets aren’t in working order!  She’s such a joker. . .

As the time grew near for the JGWH opening, we headed down the road about seven miles where we were some of the first guests, so we got a great parking spot!  I don’t know about Natalie, but I’ve been waiting for awhile to get to see this!

Ah, here it is, the beautifully crafted Gypsyville store. . .
If you are a Miranda Lambert or Blake Shelton fan, you may recognize this as the piece from their barn wedding back in 2011.
Every store needs a big fat Buddha.  He was under the table, guarding the jewelry.
Natalie even found items that she loved, like this cement mermaid.
So dreamy. . .
By the time we got ready to check out, the line was long!  The checkout counter is under that lighted crown.  We were honored to meet Archie, Junk Gypsy helper and model, who rang us up!  She was very sweet!
We had to have our picture made with Large Marge, of course.
After loading up with JG “stuff” we headed back to Warrenton for a few hours of shopping, and later on, the Junk-o-Rama prom!
Stay tuned!


Thrifty Thursday: More about our Scamp weekend. . .

I just realized that I posted about our Scampventure on Wednesday but titled it Scamp Tales Tuesday.  I could say I just want to keep you on your toes, but you know better…

Anyway, I promised you yesterday that I would share a bit about what we did once we made it to our destination near Round Top, Texas.  After we set up camp, we decided to head on down FM 237 and see what this hoopla about Round Top and its sister city Warrenton is all about.  Between Round Top and Warrenton is a place called Marburger Farms.  Those who write about Texas Antiques Week say it is the mother of all flea markets, an antique lover/junker’s mecca.  I have yet to see the mini-metroplex in all its glory with hundreds of vendors and thousands of visitors, but I plan to very soon!  That day it was just a couple of little don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-it towns set on a farm-to-market two-lane road surrounded by cow pastures.  Peaceful.  Countrified.  Deer country.  Wish we had a lease here. . .

We were almost into Round Top when I spotted her.  Large Marge.  The Junk Gypsies’ old Chevy Suburban featured on their website.  And there it was, the soon-to-be Junk Gypsy World Headquarters.  Right there!  On the highway road!  No gates or high-wire fences or anything!  Really?

Large Marge, live and in person! (Yes, there was a gate, which was closed after we returned from dinner in town.)
Can’t wait!  Rumor (or at least the waitress at Royer’s) said they might open at the end of Antiques Week!
The gate no doubt designed by the Junk Gypsies themselves and probably made by Bediko, the metalworker featured on their HGTV show.
Peeking at the headquarters building through the trees.  You can read all about it on their blog.
If you look really close you can see Amie’s little pink farmhouse and their Airstream, which were also featured on their HGTV show.
We had dinner at Royer’s Cafe in downtown Round Top.  Don’t let the name fool you.  They have a fairly upscale menu with prices to match.  No cheeseburgers here!  But, oh boy, was the food good!  And the pie!  Oh, my!
I thought it was cute that each table provided a pair of reading glasses for oldies like us to read the small print menu.  Yes, that is what was left of my apple pie and Amy’s ice cream.  Mm, mm, good!

A word about Royer’s:  it has the coolest, funkiest vibe with stuff covering all the walls and the ceiling, too, and four old iron gliders lining the porch.  Bud Royer himself greeted us coming and going.  They are famous for their pies and even have a little place called Royer’s Pie Haven a few steps from the restaurant.  Souvenir tee shirts and koozies are also available.

After dinner we headed back to camp and walked down to the pier to look at the lake.  You can see those pictures on yesterday’s blog post.  We then sat outside for a little while and retired to the Scamp for some magazine reading and DVD watching on the laptop.

Me reading from my comfy perch on the bed.
Jimmy watching a bowhunting DVD from the
 “living room.”  My laptop sat on the counter where the cooktop used to be.  This chick ain’t gonna do no cookin’ while campin’!

We had a fairly good night’s sleep in spite of the small space and tiny beds.  Look out, Oak Thicket Park!  We’ll be back soon!