No more hunting for wedding stuff, that is!  Ha!  Had you going, didn’t I?  Actually, hubby and I did sit in our deer blind for four hours this morning but got nothing but a sore back and lack of sleep.  Those deer just are not cooperating so far this year! But no matter.  That gives me opportunity to show you one of the results of my hunt for cheap wedding decor items.

Remember this photo from October?

I had begun spray painting a piece of an old dresser or vanity, the part that holds the mirror.  At $4.99 it was a steal at Goodwill, and I envisioned it as a vintage-looking chalkboard welcome sign for the wedding.  I think it turned out pretty well, don’t you?

More ivory spray paint, a couple of layers of chalkboard paint, and a welcome message in chalk, and it made a perfect welcome to the wedding.  I tucked it under the low-hanging branches of a pine tree and anchored the base in a small galvanized bucket.  So easy, so cheap, so vintage.

Here is another little vignette I made for the hors d’oeuvres table from an antique clock lamp, some vintage cake toppers, a framed photo, and an old book.  I also added a milk glass compote dish, a wire votive holder with crystals, and a few steampunk gears and keys.  A vintage wedding cake topper perches on the top of the lamp base, which has the time of the wedding on the clock:  3:00.  The green lamp I spray painted black.

Stay tuned for the cost reveal of our cheap DIY wedding, hopefully tomorrow!



CHEAP WEDDING WEDNESDAY: More mysteries solved. . .

I still have a few wedding secrets to reveal.  
Remember this photo?

If you looked closely at this picture you would notice the product labels on the surface of the object, and if you guessed it was an ironing board, you would be correct!  This is a vintage wooden top ironing board I nabbed at Goodwill for $4.99!  It has metal legs and still folds flat!  It served as a perfect beverage table next to the punch dispenser 
and looked nice with a lace tablecloth.  
We wanted guests to be able to tell 
what it was underneath.

This next one may be a little confusing.  
It is actually the seat of an old 
folding chair where I spray painted 
some picture frames white.  
I *HEART* spray paint!

What you are seeing is the outline of the different frames.  I printed some photos of the bride and groom in sepia and scattered them around in little frames.  Here is one.  
I love how the gold peeked through.

The last one for today is this one, which reminds me of a butterfly in a weird kind of way.  To decorate a couple of top hats, Natalie made some gears out of cardboard and we spray painted them gold.  Hubby has an old piece of metal he uses for his kickstand when he parks his motorcycle in the yard, so we laid the cardboard gears on the metal.  This was the result of several coats of paint.  It’s a cool piece of art in its own way, 
don’t you think?
And here is one of the hats with the gears on it.  Natalie also used “designer” duck tape to cover one gear.  So cute!

So that’s it for today’s reveal.  
Stay tuned for more!



TEACHER TUESDAY: Mysteries revealed. . .

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted several photos of items to be used in my daughter’s wedding but I told you their uses in the event would not be revealed until after the wedding?  Well, here goes. . .or at least to start. . .

Remember this?  A few old doors and a twin maple headboard which I repainted white.  I decorated the doors and used them as corner accents inside the tent, and as a backdrop for the photo booth outside the tent.

In the next photo, the headboard is propped against the back of a bench my late brother-in-law made for me.  It helped make a wall or sort of boundary for the tent and served as a great place to hang vintage wedding veils, one of which was mine!

Here is a photo behind the vignette.  The headboard also provided a backdrop for open suitcases and a picnic basket.  What better way to keep people from tripping over tent stakes or walking into a pole?

This next photo shows one of the old doors I bought at a roadside junk store for ten bucks.  The window was missing so hubby helped me cover the space with chicken wire.  The wire provided a great surface for clipping some of my sister’s handmade hearts.  I also looped a bedspring lamp I bought from one of my friends, who, incidentally, owns a shop with her sisters called Elsie Mae on Market in Mabank, Texas.  Go “LIKE” them on Facebook!  The doorknob was also missing so I tied some ribbon through it and stuck a floral stem inside.  Easy!

This photo shows an old metal louvered door, probably a closet door I found at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore for less than ten bucks.  That is my old wedding dress hanging next to it.  (Was I really ever that tiny?) I tied an old tarnished silver pitcher onto the doorknob with twine and stuck some silk flowers in it.  I really wish I had put a “Just Married” banner across the corner since this was the background for the cake cutting.
The last door I had–an old screen door–I used as a backdrop for the photo booth outside the tent.  Thanks to my dad for customizing a metal stake and anchoring the door to the ground for me!  I painted a little sign to hang on the corner, and then I made a pointing hand sign which my sister Sharon tied to the door handle.  (No, I didn’t paint the actual hand.  I printed one from Google’s clip art and Mod Podge-d it on!)

The doors added to the vintage feel of the wedding and provided much needed props for the different areas that needed defining.  I will reveal more mysteries, so stay tuned. . .




It has been a crazy week trying to get last minute details done, including calls to the dee jay (free win from a bridal show!), tent rental place, florist, bakery, photographer, and tux rental place.  Today we started making the chocolates for the guest favors, and I finished spray painting some chairs.  I also finished painting some signs and made some envelopes for tips.  

There are so many little details to finish, but I think it will be completely worth it!  Here is the bride-to-be hard at work on the chocolates. . .

Preparation time will soon be over, and then I will be able to post photos of all of our little projects as well as photos of the wedding and happy couple.  This blog is supposed to be about cheap weddings, and I can’t wait to reveal how we accomplished our goal.  Stay tuned. . .



CHEAP WEDDING WEDNESDAY: Suspense builds. . .

Yes, the suspense is building.  Will Natalie and Bryan REALLY tie the knot in less than two weeks?  Will all the friends and relatives who returned their RSVP cards REALLY show up?  Will the weather be beautiful as we are hoping?  Will there be enough food, music, favors, flowers, etc.?  Will Mama Wedding Planner be able to pull this off?

Ready or not, here it comes.  I thought I would tantalize you with some pre-wedding DIY photos.  See if you can guess what these objects are and how they will be used or have been used.  Confused now?  Check them out. . .

A couple of old doors and a bedstead?  Hm. . .

What is this?  Shadows on a chair seat?  Hm. . .

Steampunk butterflies?  Hm. . .

Something wooden with a label or sign. . .

Did you guess?  The answers will be revealed after the wedding, of course.  In the meantime, enjoy your Halloween evening.  My daughter and I are watching horror flicks and eating Almond Joys.  Don’t judge me.  I have to have candy just in case a trick or treater or two comes by.  (We NEVER have trick or treaters–I guess we are just too far out in the country. . .)

Happy Halloween!
Lucy posing for Halloween pictures