CHEAP WEDDING WEDNESDAY: More mysteries solved. . .

I still have a few wedding secrets to reveal.  
Remember this photo?

If you looked closely at this picture you would notice the product labels on the surface of the object, and if you guessed it was an ironing board, you would be correct!  This is a vintage wooden top ironing board I nabbed at Goodwill for $4.99!  It has metal legs and still folds flat!  It served as a perfect beverage table next to the punch dispenser 
and looked nice with a lace tablecloth.  
We wanted guests to be able to tell 
what it was underneath.

This next one may be a little confusing.  
It is actually the seat of an old 
folding chair where I spray painted 
some picture frames white.  
I *HEART* spray paint!

What you are seeing is the outline of the different frames.  I printed some photos of the bride and groom in sepia and scattered them around in little frames.  Here is one.  
I love how the gold peeked through.

The last one for today is this one, which reminds me of a butterfly in a weird kind of way.  To decorate a couple of top hats, Natalie made some gears out of cardboard and we spray painted them gold.  Hubby has an old piece of metal he uses for his kickstand when he parks his motorcycle in the yard, so we laid the cardboard gears on the metal.  This was the result of several coats of paint.  It’s a cool piece of art in its own way, 
don’t you think?
And here is one of the hats with the gears on it.  Natalie also used “designer” duck tape to cover one gear.  So cute!

So that’s it for today’s reveal.  
Stay tuned for more!



By aencoker

Author, teacher, mom, grandmother, but most of all, Christian.

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