TEACHER TUESDAY: Mysteries revealed. . .

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted several photos of items to be used in my daughter’s wedding but I told you their uses in the event would not be revealed until after the wedding?  Well, here goes. . .or at least to start. . .

Remember this?  A few old doors and a twin maple headboard which I repainted white.  I decorated the doors and used them as corner accents inside the tent, and as a backdrop for the photo booth outside the tent.

In the next photo, the headboard is propped against the back of a bench my late brother-in-law made for me.  It helped make a wall or sort of boundary for the tent and served as a great place to hang vintage wedding veils, one of which was mine!

Here is a photo behind the vignette.  The headboard also provided a backdrop for open suitcases and a picnic basket.  What better way to keep people from tripping over tent stakes or walking into a pole?

This next photo shows one of the old doors I bought at a roadside junk store for ten bucks.  The window was missing so hubby helped me cover the space with chicken wire.  The wire provided a great surface for clipping some of my sister’s handmade hearts.  I also looped a bedspring lamp I bought from one of my friends, who, incidentally, owns a shop with her sisters called Elsie Mae on Market in Mabank, Texas.  Go “LIKE” them on Facebook!  The doorknob was also missing so I tied some ribbon through it and stuck a floral stem inside.  Easy!

This photo shows an old metal louvered door, probably a closet door I found at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore for less than ten bucks.  That is my old wedding dress hanging next to it.  (Was I really ever that tiny?) I tied an old tarnished silver pitcher onto the doorknob with twine and stuck some silk flowers in it.  I really wish I had put a “Just Married” banner across the corner since this was the background for the cake cutting.
The last door I had–an old screen door–I used as a backdrop for the photo booth outside the tent.  Thanks to my dad for customizing a metal stake and anchoring the door to the ground for me!  I painted a little sign to hang on the corner, and then I made a pointing hand sign which my sister Sharon tied to the door handle.  (No, I didn’t paint the actual hand.  I printed one from Google’s clip art and Mod Podge-d it on!)

The doors added to the vintage feel of the wedding and provided much needed props for the different areas that needed defining.  I will reveal more mysteries, so stay tuned. . .



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