CHEAP WEDDING WEDNESDAY: Goodwill and a sister. . .

If you’ve been reading my blog nonsense, you know that I am planning my daughter’s wedding with the goal of spending as little as possible to have the prettiest wedding she could imagine.  Last week in Indiana between trips to the deer stand, my sister Brenda and I squeezed in a couple of shopping trips and a scavenger hunt through her barn.  These are some of the things I brought home.  She will be bringing more when she comes to Texas in November for the wedding.  (Eek!  That’s next month!)

This pretty vintage veil will look good hanging from an old door as part of a vignette.  You can’t see them, but there are pearls along the edge of the old lace.  A Goodwill steal!

The wreath below will enhance a vignette or be a pretty addition to a gate or bench.  It was found in Brenda’s barn.

Brenda loaned me this metal basket full of lace, fabric, and old doilies and gave me license to use them as I needed.  Then she piled a cake server, white top hat, acrylic candle sticks dripping with crystals, and other goodies on top!  Maybe she will forget about that basket. . .

This pretty metal wall art will look pretty on the side of the barn near the wedding site.  It will provide interest for wedding photos, and it was in her barn!

This is a favorite Goodwill find:  a train case in ivory damask!  Won’t it be beautiful with doilies and lace spilling out of it, along with framed vintage photos, flowers, and an antique doll?  Love it!  $4.99 at Goodwill!

I will spray paint this $7.99 Goodwill chandelier white, add crystals, and hang it in the reception tent for a touch of 

Last but NOT least, is this antique wood and metal ironing board with the company label at the bottom!  And it was only $4.99 at Goodwill!  We will use it as a beverage stand or to hold plates and cutlery at the wedding, and then it will find a permanent home in my future craft room.  (I hope to get started on that after the wedding–it will involve paint and much rearrangement of furniture and junk!)

I did good, didn’t I?  Even if I do say so myself!  Now to sit down with my list of materials and sketch out how and where things will go.  I can see the wedding and reception in my head, but I need a written plan so others can help me on that last day of setting up and decorating.  It will be a busy, busy day but I will be sure and take pictures of everything before the event.

It’s only one month from today!  Eek!  Will we be ready?  My darling daughter and her fiance are counting on it!


P.S.  Thanks, Brenda!


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